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The REITE Club

In this episode, we will explore the importance of global investment diversification and glean valuable lessons from Mel and Dave Dupuis, a couple that has professionally and successfully sailed across the vast sea of real estate investing for over 23 years.

The REITE Club

Ever dreamed of achieving financial freedom through real estate investing? Join us as we uncover the secrets of Mel and Dave Dupuis's extraordinary journey. With over 240 units across....

Let's Talk Real Estate Investing​

Today you’re going to learn how to invest in real estate using none of your own money and no JV partners. My guests are Mel and Dave Dupis, creative funding experts who have a...​

Keeping it Real-Estate​

With a combined experience of 23 years in real estate investing, Mel and Dave are the founders of the Action Family™ Mentorship Program. They are dedicated to helping individuals...​

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever​

Ever dreamed of achieving financial freedom through real estate investing? Join us as we uncover the secrets of Mel and Dave Dupuis's extraordinary journey. With over 240 units across....

Creative Capital​

This week Josh is joined by Mel and Dave Doupuis! They chat about the importance of shifting your mindset and share examples on how mindset has changed their lives. They...​

The Hidden Upside​

Dave Dupuis shares their journey in real estate and the various strategies they use to be successful. He also talks about the importance of mindset and raising capital.​

Hivemind Network​

We have a special guest, investor Mel and Dave, we're gonna hop right into it.So what's really good about this segment? What not? What has been your craziest deal, whether it's…

The Millennial's Choice Show - Real Estate, Finance & Entrepreneurship​

Mel and Dave Purchased 12 properties in 12 months. These were bought with no money down, and no joint venture partners. In this episode learn creative financing solutions that can...​

Hive with us podcast​

We have special guests today, Mel and Dave. So are you guys from Canada? Or what country are you from? Yes, we're located in Canada. But we also invest in five countries total… ​

Real Talk Gary​

Investor Mel & Dave are proof that as long as you don't let anything stop you, success can be yours. They are both speakers and mentors throughout N Why they studied people that had large portfolios and lost it all, and the lessons they learned why Dave was confident, and why Mel was scared Their last deal was an 8 plex, 3 commercial units and 5 residential tenants. What was their worst mistake in investing, and...​

High Income Earners F.I.R.E Podcast​

We’ve got a fascinating episode today as investing coach Mel Dupuis details her method for financing a globally diverse real estate portfolio, what makes it unique from a conventional financing strategy, and how you can do the same. If this excites you, keep listening to add this method to your investing tool belt. Key takeaways to listen for: Benefits of financing deals through promissory notes, 3 methods to buy properties without raising….

We love equity​

Melanie and Dave, also known as Investor Mel & Dave, are innovative real estate investors who have SOLELY acquired over 200 apartments in just a few short years. In this conversation, they discussed their creative and successful strategies that have increased their portfolio significantly without using any of their own money. They impressively have 100% ownership of these properties, which means they keep 100% of the equity, appreciation, and cash flow.​

Exit before you enter​

Having financial freedom earlier in life is what every investor hopes to achieve. While you see many investors reaching that goal and it look easy enough for you, it actually is not. Investor Mel and Dave Dupuis talk about the strategies...​

Unstoppable REI Podcast​

Mel Dupuis teaches real estate investors how to buy properties without using any of your own money or having joint venture partners

The Real Estate Invest Her

Leveraging other people’s time and money is the secret to growth. On today’s episode, we talk with Melanie Dupuis, investor and co-author of the best-selling book, The Only Woman in the Room, about how she...​

Real Estate Money School​

When you’re trying to build up your investing portfolio, you quickly realize how difficult, draining and unsustainable it is to do it on your own. This is where it becomes critical to employ creative financing and leverage other people’s money…​

The Multifamily Wealth​

Mel and Dave have leveraged numerous creative financing techniques to quickly scale a buy and hold portfolio of which they hold 100% of the equity, impressive stuff! This episode will be a fantastic resource for anyone who is looking to add some…​

Buy a house with no money​

How to buy real estate with no money! Learn from investor Mel and Dave! ​

Toronto´s #1 Real Estate Podcast​

Mel & Dave, are innovative real estate investors who have SOLELY acquired over 200 apartments in just a few short years. Using creative and successful strategies. We talked about how they managed to build a portfolio of over 30 buildings during COVID. ​

The REITE Club​

Mel & Dave were small-time investors until they read ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’! Then, they got into creative financing. They go on for months not buying because the deal isn’t right. They now mentor people all across North America and have an abundance mindset.​

Everyday Investor​

Melanie is talking about how to get the seller to give the mortgage! The basic idea: there's an agreement where the seller lends the buyer money. The benefit for the seller is that the interest rate is higher, making the deal sweet for the lender. This strategy is…​

The most Dwanderful Real Estate​

Mel started her career young. She went to college knowing that she wanted to be in business and thought that accounting was the route for her. However, she had the idea to dabble in real estate as a side hustle, making the goal to own 10 properties by the time she was 40…​


In this episode, Stacy and Melanie talk about scaling and how investors can use creative financing to close deals. They discuss owner financing and how to use promissory notes, and how these two approaches work in any market, large or small.

Prime People Podcast​

Justin gets the goods from Mel and Dave on their inspiration and strategies for growing their incredible portfolio in such a short time. Topics include: Using OPM, Strategic Offers, Creative Financing, how to analyze a deal, how to build in an exit strategy, and how to actually get it DONE!​

Well Off Podcast​

Melanie and Dave Dupuis own and manage over 200 units. They set big goals when they first got together and have far exceeded their expectations... ​

REC Experience Podcast​

In this episode, Jas is joined by Investor Couple Mel & Dave explain their process from initial investing to now owning a 100 doors... ​

Chris Grenzig Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur​

In Day 16 of the 30 Day Mini-series of Coronavirus & Real Estate, Investing, and Business we have Mel & Dave who have multiple…​

Hyperfast Agent Podcast​

When Mel and Dave discovered creative financing, they bought 12 multifamily properties in 12 months, then quit their jobs the next year while they were still in their thirties... ​

The REITE Club Episode #58​

Secrets and Strategies for Scaling a Large Portfolio with Power Couple Mel and Dave. Experienced, successful, self-taught...​

Real Estate Vancouver​

Vancouver Real Estate Podcast - Dave and Melanie Dupuis reveal their best investment tips, share their biggest mistakes and… ​

To the point​

Melanie and Dave Dupuis, also known as Investor Mel & Dave, are innovative real estate investors who have SOLELY acquired over 100 apartments/24 properties in just a few short years. Using creative and successful strategies…​

House Hacking​

In this episode Mel and Dave talk about how they were able to buy 12 properties in 12 months. A large task that this motivated couple was able to attain. They tell us how they were able to do it as well as explain why… ​

Apartment Investing Journey

In this episode, Mel and Dave share their journey as a teacher and in a corporate career to full-time investors and how they've used seller financing and opm to acquire a portfolio of over 100 units and 24 properties in a few short years. FREE... ​

Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Podcast​

Real Estate Investing Secrets with North Bay RE moguls Mel & Dave Dupuis ​

Sarah Larbi​

Mel and Dave join host Sarah Larbi on her show “Where Should I Invest?” ​

The Daily Real Estate Investor​

Check out Mel and Dave on The Daily Real Estate Investor Podcast. ​

The Grow Give Expand Podcast

Mel and Dave talk with Doug Meyers on The GROW GIVE EXPAND… ​

Dave Dubeau Property Profits​

Find out a fresh perspective on the ins and outs of real estate investing and discover the process to… ​

Andrew Hines​

Replacing Your Income with Real Estate Investing with Melanie & Dave. They discuss their investment... ​

Maria Rekrut and all things Real Estate​

We have Melanie and Dave Dupuis. They won the "Bussines of the Year Award" in North Bay, Ontario... ​

The Fearless Investor​​

Want to learn more about Real Estate? Check out our podcast with Investor Mel & Dave Dupuis!! ​​

Working Capital, The Real Estate Podcast​

I have a great conversation with investor Mel and Dave. We cover acquisitions with other people money (OPM), seller financing, how to approach lenders and much more. ​