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Each week, we offer tips and strategies for successful real estate investing. Our focus is on creative financing methods to buy properties using other people’s money, without any joint venture partners!

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Podcast Appearances

Brad Lea chats with Real Estate Investors Mel and Dave discuss all the valuable steps to get rich being creative with financing in real estate. This is a must listen to episode for all but especially for those wanting to get started in real estate!
Investor Mel & Dave are proof that as long as you don't let anything stop you, success can be yours. They are both speakers and mentors throughout North America and have helped their mentees use creative and strategic financing to change their lives...
Darryl and TK discuss the "Toronto Real Estate Market" in depth from their own unique perspectives. This week we are fortunate enough to have Dave from The Investor Couple as our guest on the show. we discuss: Other people's money, the canadian economy, and more!
Learn what it takes to run a successful family real estate business and build generational wealth with investors and educators Mel and Dave Dupuis. How you can build momentum while investing in real estate and expand your real estate portfolio rapidly.
We will discuss why they studied people that had large portfolios and lost it all, the lessons they learned, why Dave was confident, and why Mel was scared. Their last deal was, an 8-plex. What was their worst mistake in investing, and Mel owns up to it!
Robert Leonard talks with Mel and Dave about how to overcome tragedy, whether or not you can time the real estate market, how to find hidden cash cows, what OPM is and how to use it, creative financing, what a 97% tenant is, and much, much more!

Podcast Episodes

Podcast Episodes

Mel and Dave win Small Business of the Year, recognized by the North Bay Chamber of Commerce!

Mel & Dave Dupuis share tips on navigating the real estate investment world.

Mel and Dave tell their story and discuss the book launch in their first appearance on CBC.

Mel and Dave share their insights on the North Bay Nugget.

After a life-changing accident, Melanie Dupuis realized she had to do something bigger with her life.