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In this episode Brad Lea chats with Real Estate Investors Mel and Dave discuss all the valuable steps to get rich being creative with financing in real estate. Mel and Dave know what they are talking about and this is a must listen to episode for all but especially for those wanting to get started in real estate!



Why they studied people that had large portfolios and lost it all, and the lessons they learned why Dave was confident, and why Mel was scared Their last deal was an 8 plex, 3 commercial units and 5 residential tenants on the second floor in North Bay What was their worst mistake in investing, and Mel owns up to it!

Learn what it takes to run a successful family real estate business and build generational wealth with investors and educators Mel and Dave Dupuis. How you can build momentum while investing in real estate and expand your real estate portfolio rapidly. 



How to buy real estate with no money! Learn from investor mel and dave! @investormeldave on IG Youtube:…

Mel & Dave, are innovative real estate investors who have SOLELY acquired over 200 apartments in just a few short years. Using creative and successful strategies. We talked about how they managed to build a portfolio of over 30 buildings during COVID.

Mel & Dave were small-time investors until they read ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’! Then, they got into creative financing. They go on for months not buying because the deal isn’t right. They now mentor people all across North America and have an abundance mindset.



Leveraging other people’s time and money is the secret to growth. On today’s episode, we talk with Melanie Dupuis, investor and co-author of the best-selling book, The Only Woman in the Room, about how she…

When you’re trying to build up your investing portfolio, you quickly realize how difficult, draining and unsustainable it is to do it on your own. This is where it becomes critical to employ creative financing and leverage other people’s money…

Investor Mel & Dave are proof that as long as you don’t let anything stop you, success can be yours. They are both speakers and mentors throughout North America and have helped their mentees use creative and strategic financing to change their lives…



You´ve been asking for it and we finally decided to create our own weekly show!

Mel and Dave visit the R.E.C. Podcast! Click the link to watch on YouTube.

Secrets and Strategies for Scaling a Large Portfolio with Power Couple Mel and Dave Dupuis

Vancouver Real Estate Podcast – Dave and Melanie Dupuis reveal their best investment tips, share their biggest mistakes and…

Melanie and Dave Dupuis, also known as Investor Mel & Dave, are innovative real estate investors who have SOLELY acquired over 100 apartments/24 properties in just a few short years. Using creative and successful strategies,

In this episode Mel and Dave talk about how they were able to buy 12 properties in 12 months. A large task that this motivated couple was able to attain. They tell us how they were able to do it as well as explain why owner or seller financing is a great tool and how to approach.

Justin gets the good from Dupuips properties on their inspiration and strategies for growing their incredible portfolio in such a short time.
Some of the topics include:

In this episode, Mel and Dave Dupuis share their journey as a teacher and in a corporate career to full-time investors and how they’ve used seller financing and opm to acquire a portfolio of over 100 units and 24 properties in a few short years.  FREE…

Real Estate Investing Secrets with North Bay RE moguls Mel & Dave Dupuis

Mel and Dave join host Sarah Larbi on her show “Where Should I Invest?”

Check out Mel and Dave on The Daily Real Estate Investor Podcast.

Mel and Dave talk with  Doug Meyers on The GROW GIVE EXPAND podcast.

Find out a fresh perspective on the ins and outs of real estate investing and discover the process to…

Replacing Your Income with Real Estate Investing with Melanie & Dave Dupuis

We have Melanie and Dave Dupuis. They won the “Bussines of the Year Award” in North Bay, Ontario…

Want to learn more about Real Estate? Check out our podcast with Investor Mel & Dave Dupuis!!


Mel and Dave win Small Business of the Year, recognized by the North Bay Chamber of Commerce!

Mel & Dave Dupuis share tips on navigating the real estate investment world.

Mel and Dave tell their story and discuss the book launch in their first appearance on CBC.

Mel and Dave share their insights on the North Bay Nugget.

After a life-changing accident, Melanie Dupuis realized she had to do something bigger with her life.

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