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In this episode Mel and Dave talk about how they were able to buy 12 properties in 12 months. A large task that this motivated couple was able to attain. They tell us how they were able to do it as well as explain why owner or seller financing is a great tool and how to approach. We also learn about what to look for in a property management company, how to structure your business, and much more!

Justin gets the good from Dupuips properties on their inspiration and strategies for growing their incredible portfolio in such a short time.
Some of the topics include:

You´ve been asking for it and we finally decided to create our own weekly show!

Mel and Dave visit the R.E.C. Podcast! Click the link to watch on YouTube.

Secrets and Strategies for Scaling a Large Portfolio with Power Couple Mel and Dave Dupuis

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Mel and Dave visit the R.E.C. Podcast! Click the link to watch on YouTube.

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Mel and Dave win Small Business of the Year, recognized by the North Bay Chamber of Commerce!

Mel & Dave Dupuis share tips on navigating the real estate investment world.

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